Our Process

Our process is hand crafted of our own design. We give glory to God for revealing direction to us through His Holy Spirit.


We buy all of our certified CBD seeds from Lakeview Hemp.


We begin our plants by germinating them in our greenhouse 2 months before planting. The land is prepped and fertilized before transferring them to our pesticide-free land.


Our plants are tended by hand throughout the growing season. Every plant is weeded, watered, fertilized, pruned, cared for, talked to, and touched by hand.

Testing for WI State Guidelines

Prior to harvest, our plants are tested to meet federal and state guidelines for THC levels.


We save our help for the harvest.

The harvest is a family affair. An entire community coming together cutting the plants by hand, transporting them and properly drying them.


We use traditional techniques for drying as opposed to industrial dryers and we take care to properly cure and store the flower to protect it from the elements. This is the most important part of the process for preserving the quality of our product.


Our unique scientifically formulated oil comes from hemp rosin – this allows us to create our product free from chemicals.  Using the rosin process also preserves the terpenes and flavanoids which have therapeutic properties.

The rosin is extracted using a high-pressure press and is tested with 3rd party validation for CBD concentration levels.

more about rosin


We verify every batch of hemp oil we produce with 3rd party testing.  Results can be found on our COA page and identified by the batch number on the bottom of each bottle of oil.


The oil is packaged and bottled, each bottle marked with the COA and batch number.