Cross Creek Industries is a community collaboration. We each use our gifts and strengths for the success of the farm and the product.


Jason and Jeneece

Jeneece and Jason are our green thumbs, our growers. Where would we be without their passion for gardening and tending our plants? They bring a passion to everything they do.

Business & Sales


Ashely manages the finances, marketing, sales and delivery. She is the driving force behind making our product available to customers throughout the midwest region. 

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Science & Manufacturing


Ben is the scientific brains behind our products. Using his Manufacturing Engineering background and wisdom from our Lord and Savior, Ben has been able to formulate a top-shelf high quality rosin oil.

Farming & Maintenance


Farmer John works the land, fertilizes the field, and helps to prep the land for growing. He is there for all of the heavy lifting and crop maintenance. 


Lee and Nancy

Lee and Nancy are the anything-we-need support system that makes a family business like ours possible. From harvesting to production, to delivery they partner with us to fill the gaps and keep us moving forward.